About the Deanship

The Deanship of Library Affairs seeks to achieve a leading position with its services, to be a source of intellectual and civilized influence; with its scientific and cultural information sources, and to contribute to knowledgable and interactive development between the university and the Northern Borders Province community.

Prof. Saud bin Raghyan Al-Ruwaili
Dean of Library Affairs

Vision and Mission


Achieve leadership and creativity in supporting the university's academic and research process and in serving the community of the Northern Borders Province, following national and international quality standards.


To contribute actively to creating an informative environment that supports academic programs, encourages scientific research and innovation, and serves the local community by providing diverse and sophisticated information services and sources that meet beneficiaries' needs; to achieve the university's vision and mission.


  • Supporting the Univeruniversity'stional and research process by providing the latest information sources of various forms and types.
  • Providing sophisticated library services to students, researchers, university faculty members, and the Northern Border Province community.
  • Serving the community through training, continuous education, and raising digital awareness and digital culture.
  • Developing staff's capacities in libraries and information continuously.
  • Strengthening strategic partnership through cooperation with libraries and relevant entities; To provide the best services.
  • Preparing standards, specifications, and procedures for the Univeruniversity'sries and services to ensure the quality of services the Deanship and its sub-libraries provides.